{ One Month & New Yorkisms }

It’s been exactly one month since we arrived in New York City. So much has happened in the past 30 days and I am so proud of us for finding our home, learning the subway system, and connecting with all our local friends and family. It feels more like home everyday.

While Z is at work and I am exploring the streets and putting together our household (the people at The Container Store now know me by name) I’ve become a keen observer to the behaviors of New Yorkers. Yes, it is a melting pot of people from all parts of the world, but there are things they do that, I now affectionately refer to as, New Yorkisms.

In honor of our one month-iversary, here’s a list of a few New Yorkisms that I’ve noticed in the last 30 days.

  1. New Yorkers use headphones to talk on their cell phones.No one puts the actual phone to their ear. There are people all over this city who appear to be talking to themselves (or you awkwardly mistake that they are speaking to you…) but they are actually talking to someone on their cell phones hiding in their purses or pockets. Probably to someone else who is also talking to them on their headphones.
  2. The subway. Strangely, one of the quieter places in the city, despite how loud the trains and speaker systems are. It’s a giant carpool where no one speaks or LOOKS at each other. This is a big one. It is like an unspoken rule that you do not stare or catch eyes with a stranger on the subway. Even a nice, old lady that you offer your seat, too. Not even she will smile back or look at you. This can be especially awkward when it’s the commuter hour (new word for “rush hour traffic”) and the trains are packed like pickles and you can hardly squeeze into the train. Avoiding eye contact and trying not to stare at the amazingly strange hair piece on the woman across from you becomes a challenge. Staring can somehow be interpreted as a sign of aggression so you’re discouraged from doing it. I seriously do not know what these subway riders did before cell phones and kindles to help distract them from looking around the train.
  3. Greetings & Salutations. New Yorkers still seem to be startled when I say hello and ask “How are you?” or “How’s your day been?” This goes for doormen, cashier clerks, cab drivers, you name it. I’m not asking random people on the street but people I share an interaction with. They are surprised and some are nice and some don’t respond. Either way, I’m stickin’ with it.
  4. New Yorkers are known for their harsh, sometimes rude, approach and interaction. However, Zach and I have learned this is less about them being rude and more them just being brash. They are less fluff and friendly and more straight-forward and to-the-point. We’re taking it in and trying to adopt a bit of this way of life as we tend to be overly friendly and sometimes too nice. See Point #3.
  5. FOOD. New Yorkers have access to the best food anywhere in the city and through the most convenient food delivery system in the world. You could order anything you want at any time of day and have it delivered to your apartment in 30 minutes. I am amazed at how many fit and fabulous people I see around town. How can they contain themselves?! We could not contain ourselves and indulged our first few weeks but after our combined weight gain reminded us of freshmen year of college, we had to pull the reins in. We want to look like those other fit and fabulous New Yorkers.

I am sure there will be more New Yorkisms but that’s all I’ve got for now. First 30 days have been memorable and very educational 🙂

Cheers to one month in our new city, Z! Anywhere with you is home and I am loving the adventures with you in our new one.





Except building our new IKEA dresser until 1:30am on a Friday night. You can have that adventure right back.

One thought on “{ One Month & New Yorkisms }

  1. Steve

    The ‘beauties” of being a newly married couple……..i.e – putting the IKEA dresser together – hell that sounds like some Alaskan sled race dog to me!! My brother and his wife had one of those “beauties” in their early married life of putting up wall paper – not a pretty story BUT the wall paper sure did look good!! Sounds like you 2 are doing great with the transition. I always love when New Yorker’s ask for a ” quarter cup of coffee” – it is that eastern drawl they put on it!! Friendly reminder……….Don’t loose that great Northwestern hospitality and serving up proper verbal courtesies (thank you, how’s is your day, looking good today Mr. Doorman….) to the Yorkers. I say let them get use to good ol fashion hospitality from the Northwest – those that you interact with often will come around…………….well maybe not – give it a shot!!


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