{ Introducing the Harris’ }

It’s been 10 days since the absolute best day of our lives. I will post a longer post once we get our official wedding photos but to commemorate the occasion I had to share my thoughts on my first week of marriage.

  1. Having complete solitude for prayer and reflection the morning of the wedding helped me keep an inner peace and calm that I’ve never felt before. I kept saying I was “eerily calm” all day. It allowed me to stay present for each moment of the day instead of anticipating the next step. By the time it was time for our “First Look” I was so ready to see Z. I expected to be overly emotional and tearful all day but the calm kept sweeping over me. I just wanted to see my fiancé one last time before we became husband and wife. It is the same calm and inner peace that has also provoked gratitude instead of the rumored “post-wedding blues.” image4
  2. You can never say the words “husband” and “wife” enough. I thought fiancé sounded good. Being called “wife” and saying “husband” is a whole new level of music to my ears.
  3. The first time a complete stranger referred to me as Mrs. Harris it was equal parts strange as it was sweet. While I am beyond thrilled to be Z’s Mrs. I am still a little wistful about letting go of my maiden name. The sadness is quickly forgotten when I see how happy it makes Z to see my name with his.image3
  4. The level of joy you feel the night you get married is unlike anything we’ve ever experienced. You didn’t know your heart could feel that level of happy. Happy isn’t even the right word. It is a feeling unique only to the first few hours of wedded bliss. We will never forget it as long as we live. image5
  5. I’ve been asked a lot if it feels different yet. Admittedly I think the leap from boyfriend/girlfriend status to engaged is the biggest. Emotionally we can feel the connection and love has changed in a bigger, more complex, and incredible way now that we’re married. Physically, seeing a ring on my husband’s hand (See? I told ya. You can never say husband enough!) is the best difference of all.image6

Here’s to our first 10 days of marriage, Z. Marrying you is already the best thing I’ve ever done in all my life.