{ 24 Days, sweet Seattle }

We’re in the last three weeks in our gray and rainy, but beloved, Northwest wonderland.

Not looking forward to the impending goodbyes (or as I prefer “see you soons!”) but the anticipation of what awaits us is a palpable joy that helps push through the sadness and stress of leaving Seattle.

We’ll see you soon, New York, New York…

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{ 11.13.15 }

To say our wedding was the best day of our lives is an understatement. You can’t possibly compare it to any other day of your life to say it was “the best.” It is in a league of its own. It feels surreal, other worldly, a dream. I’ve written and rewritten my next thoughts several times but I can’t put it into words that do it justice. There truly isn’t a way to describe the actual day against what you’ve always dreamed it would be. When you wake up to your closest friends and family, people who make up the pieces of you, and they are there to help prepare you and send you off to become a family with the one, true love of your life…it’s inexplicable. That’s the kind of magic they should talk about in wedding blogs and magazines. Yes, those hanky planning details are important but it doesn’t compare to hugging and kissing those gems of friends before you walk out to see your fiancé moments before he becomes your husband. Then it’s the moment you see him and everything in the world makes sense. Your body is overwhelmed with inner peace that you’ve searched for your whole life. It’s just like Z said. “We’re exactly where we’re supposed to be.” And in that moment you know it’s all really happening. You’re getting married.

Top 5 Moments of the Day 

  1. First Look. How couples get married without it is truly beyond my realm of comprehension. Every couple should do what’s right for them, but to be able to see Z and calm my nerves and anticipation was priceless. Those moments are precious and I will never forget the look on his face or the words he said as long as I live.
  2. Daddy & Daughter Moments. We are the only two people who don’t get to see any part of the ceremony until our grand entrance. But no one will ever know those special, private moments we had together waiting in the Bridal Suite and atop the hill before we ascended the stairs. It’s once in a lifetime.
  3. Vows. One of the best and most challenging things we did throughout our wedding planning process was write our own vows. To truly put your love and commitment into words is extraordinary. It was no easy task for either of us, but being able to say my words to Z and hear his words to me in front of the people we love most in the world was the best gift we will ever give each other. In fact, we read our vows to each other on our mini-moon and we gave each other printed copies as Christmas presents this year. Reading those will never ever get old.
  4. Speeches. Having my dad, Z’s mom, my best friend, Jess, Z’s best friend, Devin, and my sister, Jordan, share their thoughts on our love and relationship was better than my bridal brain imagined it would be. Each speech was as unique as it was thoughtful, and true to the person reading the words. My dad was sentimental and inappropriate (in the best way possible), Dorothy was poignant, sweet, and bursting with love, Jess’ was an advice column to Z from my “First Roommate” to my “Last Roommate”, Devin flew by the seat of his pants, sans written speech, but he completely nailed it, and Jordan stole the show with a co-written song to Zach and I to Meghan Trainor’s “Dear Future Husband.” I can’t wait to see the video and for it to instantaneously go viral.
  5. Dancing. All. Night. Long. Nobody loves being on a dance floor (or creating her own) more than me and all I wanted for my wedding was to create a dance party that would have guests of all ages dancing the night away. Not only did I get my wish, but the floor was packed all night and created some of the most epic party photos I have ever seen from a wedding. I can truly say I shared a dance moment with almost every guest from our wedding. My heart was full.

Our magical day was no accident. It took hours upon hours of meticulous planning but even more than that we had the fortune of working with some of the most talented wedding vendors in the Southern California area. I would have paid to have them travel if we got married anywhere else, they were that good. They took our vision and made it into a real-life dream.

Venue: Lake Oak Meadows

Photography: Lauren Scotti Photographer

Videographer: Forestry Films 

Floral Design: Wisteria Grove

Cake/Cupcakes: Truly Madly Sweetly

Wedding Coordination: Hayley Radford from Celebrations by Di

Dress: Gardenia by Claire Pettibone  from The Dress Theory

Hair & Make-Up: Prive Beauty Group

Catering: Temecula Catering Co.

Thank you to each of you for making it the day of our wildest dreams!

And to my husband, from venue searches to seating charts, to that first moment I saw you on 11.13.15. My gratitude for your partnership and love is infinite. I love doing life with you.