{ From Winter to Spring }

It has been a whirlwind couple of weeks for the Harris’. While our apartment has finally come together we’ve had more free time to get out and enjoy the end of our first, albeit brief, New York winter, to the first couple weeks of spring.

Miller Time. Our friends that feel more like family, Parv and Andy have returned to their home in NYC from an extended vacation in Iran visiting Parv’s family, and with their return we’ve been exploring new places in the city together. While in the short time they’ve been back we have done so many fun things together, one of my favorites was our first go at a NYC rooftop bar. The Millers had purchased a Groupon to a rooftop bar in Midtown South as a welcome present for Z and I. 230 Fifth has a fantastic indoor and outdoor rooftop space that has 360 degree views of Manhattan. A walk-up bar with food & drink and red robes to keep you warm made for a fantastic Saturday afternoon. While the robes were more of a novelty than necessity (especially once we discovered they don’t wash them between wears…) we loved the vibe of the rooftop bar scene and can’t WAIT for summer to explore more rooftop bars as they open closer to end of spring, early summer. Thank you, Millers, for a perfect “official” welcome to the city!

The view wasn’t so bad either…

Manhattan Beach to Manhattan, NY. One of the many perks of living here is friends that travel for work often find themselves traveling to NYC. Last week one of my hometown friends since junior high, Miranda, was in town for a quick work trip. We were able to have wine at the apartment before meeting up with one of her girlfriends from business school and one of her best friends from college, both of whom also live in NYC. It was so fun meeting her friends from three seasons of her life and an enjoyed a delish dinner and drinks in the Upper West Side, quickly becoming one of my favorite neighborhoods. Loved seeing you and catching up Miranda! Can’t wait for the next trip, whether here or seeing you in Detroit! Thanks for squeezing me in!


Easter Sunday. While Z and I spent most of the weekend “adulting” and building/unpacking/cleaning/hanging frames in the apartment, we spent Sunday morning with the Millers and our friends, Hayley and Damien. We hosted mimosas at our place then headed to a spot I have been itching to try, mainly because of its eccentric name and darling, country home interior design, The Flying Cock. It did not disappoint! All you can drink mimosas, bellinis, and bloody Mary’s for only $15 and breakfast items that were to die for. I would have taken more photos had I not been consumed in the good eats, better company, and a hilarious and friendly Irish restaurant owner who only cemented the notion that The Flying Cock would become a regular spot for us and any of our future visitors. After brunch, Z and I walked The High Line to burn off our meals and drinks. It used to be a railroad for manufacturers many years ago but has since been restored to a walking path with unique views of the West Side and pieces of the railroad throughout. There are public benches/chaise lounges and local vendors along the path, my favorite of which was a local artist who had a blank canvas on the ground with paint and brushes, simply inviting people to paint for free. Afterwards we braved and bumped our way through the crowds and hundreds of tourists leisurely walked through the Chelsea Market. I had previously been on a weekday which was an entirely different experience but despite the crowds it was still fun to explore it again and share it with Z.

From LMU to San Diego to New York. One of my closest friends, Kim, whom I lived with in college, lived with in San Diego post-college, and most recently a bridesmaid in our wedding, has been living in Baltimore for two years. We have been anxiously awaiting my move so we could finally see each other in our new homes on the East Coast. Kim was in town for the day after Easter, as she and her boyfriend were headed to Montreal the following day. We spent the day exploring the Upper West Side, taking in a Southern meal at one of my new favorite places, Jacob’s Pickles, and a long walk through Central Park.IMG_6497

As we walked back to the subway we had to stop at Kim’s most favorite place in the city, Laundrée, the place that invented the macaroon. Not being a fan of macaroons myself, I was skeptical, but one bite of a salted caramel macaroon later, I understood Kim’s obsession. They taste unlike any other macaroon I’ve ever had, they are more like a soft cookie with the most intense and decadent flavors. Needless to say I’m glad this place isn’t close to our apartment! Thank you for the wonderful day, Kim! I can’t wait for so many more!

Neighborhood Vibes. It has been so fun learning more about our neighborhood and taking the time to just walk around and pop into new restaurants and shops to figure out which places will become “our places.” Like most of New York, our neighborhood has an incredible mix of pre-war and modern architecture. Never have I lived in a place where you can stumble across so many different types of shops and cuisine within a couple blocks walk. It’s easy to just pick some cross streets and explore rather than seek out a shop or restaurant online before you go. We’re really learning to just let the city take us by surprise instead of planning our every move. The city is blooming into spring more and more everyday.

I’ll post some updated photos of the apartment in the next couple days. For now, I will leave you with last night’s sunset from our living room.


{ One Month & New Yorkisms }

It’s been exactly one month since we arrived in New York City. So much has happened in the past 30 days and I am so proud of us for finding our home, learning the subway system, and connecting with all our local friends and family. It feels more like home everyday.

While Z is at work and I am exploring the streets and putting together our household (the people at The Container Store now know me by name) I’ve become a keen observer to the behaviors of New Yorkers. Yes, it is a melting pot of people from all parts of the world, but there are things they do that, I now affectionately refer to as, New Yorkisms.

In honor of our one month-iversary, here’s a list of a few New Yorkisms that I’ve noticed in the last 30 days.

  1. New Yorkers use headphones to talk on their cell phones.No one puts the actual phone to their ear. There are people all over this city who appear to be talking to themselves (or you awkwardly mistake that they are speaking to you…) but they are actually talking to someone on their cell phones hiding in their purses or pockets. Probably to someone else who is also talking to them on their headphones.
  2. The subway. Strangely, one of the quieter places in the city, despite how loud the trains and speaker systems are. It’s a giant carpool where no one speaks or LOOKS at each other. This is a big one. It is like an unspoken rule that you do not stare or catch eyes with a stranger on the subway. Even a nice, old lady that you offer your seat, too. Not even she will smile back or look at you. This can be especially awkward when it’s the commuter hour (new word for “rush hour traffic”) and the trains are packed like pickles and you can hardly squeeze into the train. Avoiding eye contact and trying not to stare at the amazingly strange hair piece on the woman across from you becomes a challenge. Staring can somehow be interpreted as a sign of aggression so you’re discouraged from doing it. I seriously do not know what these subway riders did before cell phones and kindles to help distract them from looking around the train.
  3. Greetings & Salutations. New Yorkers still seem to be startled when I say hello and ask “How are you?” or “How’s your day been?” This goes for doormen, cashier clerks, cab drivers, you name it. I’m not asking random people on the street but people I share an interaction with. They are surprised and some are nice and some don’t respond. Either way, I’m stickin’ with it.
  4. New Yorkers are known for their harsh, sometimes rude, approach and interaction. However, Zach and I have learned this is less about them being rude and more them just being brash. They are less fluff and friendly and more straight-forward and to-the-point. We’re taking it in and trying to adopt a bit of this way of life as we tend to be overly friendly and sometimes too nice. See Point #3.
  5. FOOD. New Yorkers have access to the best food anywhere in the city and through the most convenient food delivery system in the world. You could order anything you want at any time of day and have it delivered to your apartment in 30 minutes. I am amazed at how many fit and fabulous people I see around town. How can they contain themselves?! We could not contain ourselves and indulged our first few weeks but after our combined weight gain reminded us of freshmen year of college, we had to pull the reins in. We want to look like those other fit and fabulous New Yorkers.

I am sure there will be more New Yorkisms but that’s all I’ve got for now. First 30 days have been memorable and very educational 🙂

Cheers to one month in our new city, Z! Anywhere with you is home and I am loving the adventures with you in our new one.





Except building our new IKEA dresser until 1:30am on a Friday night. You can have that adventure right back.

{ Moving Day }

Today marks one week since we moved into our new apartment! The actual day was a whirlwind but it’s been so good to see all of our things again. The unpacking has been a work in progress, especially even after all the purging we did in Seattle and we still do not have enough room for our things,  not to mention the furniture we still need to buy, but overall we are completely in love with our new place. It is the first home we ever picked together and will create as a married couple.

Here’s some before and after photos from the moving day. More updates to come as it all comes together!


IMG_6371IMG_6370 (1)



We can’t wait to share our new home and view with our future visitors!

Murray Hill, we love you already.

And NYC, here’s lookin’ at you! And damn, you look good.

IMG_6369 (1)