{ Moving Day }

Today marks one week since we moved into our new apartment! The actual day was a whirlwind but it’s been so good to see all of our things again. The unpacking has been a work in progress, especially even after all the purging we did in Seattle and we still do not have enough room for our things,  not to mention the furniture we still need to buy, but overall we are completely in love with our new place. It is the first home we ever picked together and will create as a married couple.

Here’s some before and after photos from the moving day. More updates to come as it all comes together!


IMG_6371IMG_6370 (1)



We can’t wait to share our new home and view with our future visitors!

Murray Hill, we love you already.

And NYC, here’s lookin’ at you! And damn, you look good.

IMG_6369 (1)

One thought on “{ Moving Day }

  1. Steve

    Joey & Zach,
    Good morning to each of you!! First things first…………Joey what a cool and fun idea putting the NYC blog together!! You have done a wonderful job with the on going communication blog/project. The new place looks “Cadillac” – I must admit I had heard of the new rave on “box furniture” but from the pics you 2 have really done a smash up job with the “box furniture” decor!! A little bit of Wednesday morning, Montana humor! I I look forward to looking out the window at your place & seeing Manhattan in real life. The view from the pic looks interesting/busy from this Montana boy. Excited to see the view. Zach, I hope the business trip was value added info to utilize with your new job position/duties. And I am pretty sure catching some sun was not a bad deal other!

    Love, Dad


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