{ Grateful Lately }

I’m starting a new series on the blog that will focus on gratitude. Life can be crazy and complicated, especially when transitioning into a new city and lifestyle, so we’re trying to be more mindful of the simple and beautiful things we have in our present.

Lately, I’ve been grateful for…

Spying the Freedom Tower in all corners of the city

freedom tower

Modern technology that lets this bi-coastal Auntie be close to some of my favorite little ones

Being close to East Coast family and a husband who hogs baby Cyrus


The rich history of our new city and it’s intermix of classic and modern architecture


Home delivered laundry service that saves us 5 hours a week which we used to spend in the laundry room…and the weird giant caterpillar shape it comes home in


Bars dedicated solely to Ping Pong and booze, both of which make husband very happy

spin boys.jpg

Making new friends through old friends

rooftop friends wall st

Hot sunny days from our rooftop with views of iconic skyscrapers

rooftop selfie

City parks that force you to stop in their presence and soak it all in

union square

Trying new workouts that push you out of your comfort zone and leave you wanting more


And waking up to this view every morning, both making you feel small and humbled and inviting you to discover something new every day.

view sunset

What have you been grateful for lately?

One thought on “{ Grateful Lately }

  1. I am grateful that I can be closer to you via these blogs. We miss you in California but love to watch as your wings expand and your adventures take flight.


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