{ Curtain Call: Visit Seattle }

It is a bittersweet day today. My last day at my most favorite job of all time. While I have met and worked with great people throughout my career I never thought I would come across an organization with more passion, creativity, and impact than I did at Visit Seattle. It launched my career to new heights and a unique background I know will take me places I never imagined I could go. I am humbled to have worked with exceptional and passionate individuals who are truly the best in their field. To have created an economic impact to a city I love was a privilege. My co-workers have been so kind, supportive, sad, and thrilled for my next adventure…the love I feel from them is overwhelming. I am humbled as I move into this next chapter of my working career.


What’s next? I’m still not sure. But I am grateful for my husband who, without reservation, has stated he will support whatever decision I make under the condition that I am happy and I love what I do. As long as I don’t become the next Naked Cowboy playing guitar in Times Square.

10 days, sweet Seattle. NYC, you’re on deck.

Last day view from my office. Gotta love those grey Seattle skies!

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